Developer Diary Build #2

The 2nd week of the infection ...

The progress started to speed up as a few key elements started to get sorted. We were moving a little better and actually had the functionality to kill a few angry red boxes. The health of the player went in to which meant hitting the bloody reply button over and over again ... wish we put God Mode in sooner! So to cap it off, dual thumb-sticks with attack and move went in. A player forward direction and red box enemies with their own forward directions made it in. A VERY simple layout, enemy awareness, targeting and group spawning tests and last but definitely the favourite, the simple box fire hose machine gun where the bullets never disappear

The next build gets a bit of detail (just a touch so don't think the end result is around the corner just yet!) so be sure to come back in the next day or so, or keep up to date with us on Facebook to find out when we release the next developer diary.

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